Facial Treatments

European Facial

This classic facial is tailored to the individual needs of your skin. This facial includes an enzyme treatment, exfoliation, hand treatment, extractions, massage, and mask. Your skin will emerge, feeling refined and refreshed. You’ll be so relaxed. You may have to call an Uber for a ride home. $142.00

Purifying Anti-Acne Facial

The ultimate in deep pore cleansing. This facial will clean pores of impurities. Over time, dirt, oil, and toxins can build up within your pores leading to dull, blemished, and rough skin. It helps to correct acne skin types. $119.00

Eurofying Facial

This deep cleansing facial will help with acne breakouts, dehydration, and dead skin cells. $125.00

Brightening Vitamin C Facial

Antioxidant vitamin C promotes a multi-directional effect by addressing discoloration and photodamage. We boost this facial by adding a Glycolic exfoliation for immediate, dramatically, visible results. You will see, retexturizing, firming, and smoothing. $152

Men’s Fitness Facial

Put your best face forward. The 21st-century man is taking better care of their skin. This facial will addressed deep cleaning and wrinkle reduction. $125

Teen Facial

This facial addresses the problems that occur with adolescents' skin. Each team leaves with a better idea of how to take care of their skin. $78

Mini Facial

This facial has the same advantages as a full facial in less time. For those on the “run”. $90

Back Facial
A back facial will improve the quality of the skin in this hard-to-reach area. This treatment will clear and leave you with a healthy, glowing back. $100

Glycolic or lactic resurfacer peel

This restorative peel gives vitality, and firmness, and increases cell renewal. The glycolic acid or lactic acid will absorb into the deepest cellular layers to repair, rejuvenate, and retexture damaged skin. There is no downtime with this exfoliation.$85

LED anti-aging therapy

This treatment with all red LEDs is fabulous for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne scars, and the redness left over from acne. Will also brighten and achieve some toning over time. This five-minute treatment is optimal for skin rejuvenation.

Add on $25

Chemical peel

*consultation required

Chemical peels are used to remove damaged skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath. These are deep chemical peels, which require 1 to 2 weeks of recovery time.

Modified Jessner or TCA

Modified Jessner peel is an advanced peel that helps to diminish pigmentation associated with acne and scarring.

TCA peel provides a comprehensive potent anti-aging peel. $200

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