Dermaplaning: What It Is, Benefits, and Side Effects

The American Academy of Dermatology considers dermaplaning an effective treatment for many skin problems. It may be what you need for your skin crisis. Learning more about it can help you prepare for your next appointment. Here are the details about dermaplaning that you need to consider. 



What is Dermaplaning?


This skin treatment exfoliates hair and dead skin cells with an exfoliating blade. Other terms for dermaplaning are blading and microplaning. The treatment aims to make the surface of your skin more radiant ad youthful. It also helps remove the fine hairs on your facial skin. Anyone with the following issues can have dermaplaning:


  • Fine wrinkles

  • Acne scars

  • Sun-damaged skin

  • Dry skin

  • Dull skin



The Benefits of Dermaplaning


Weather, lifestyle, and diet can affect your body. This includes your skin’s condition. Studies show that dermaplaning can bring many benefits to your appearance and skin health. Here are some of them:


  • It improves the effects of your makeup. Dermaplaning peels off the dead, topmost layer of the skin. It reveals new skin that allows the absorption of skin products. This allows your makeup to better enhance your skin. The pigments in makeup go deeper into your skin. Each application looks smoother and more radiant because dermaplaning removes fine and deep lines. 

  • It brightens the skin. Daily irritants and toxins tend to damage the top layer of the skin, especially if you work under the sun or commute. Removing dead skin cells and hair can brighten your face. 

  • It is a quick treatment. This noninvasive procedure will take about 30-45 minutes. It does not have any preparation or downtime. You can have dermaplaning during your free time every three to four weeks. Shedding can happen for about seven days after this treatment. Some people experience it for a few days. 

  • It reveals younger-looking skin. Aging stops the cell turnover of your skin because the body focuses on more important functions like reproduction. Dermaplaning does this for you. The exfoliating process removes the top, tired layer of skin. This process reduces wrinkles and fine lines and the soft hair on your face. It reveals a smoother, younger-looking layer of skin. 

  • It triggers collagen production. Growing older slows the body’s ability to produce collagen. Exposing the skin to oxygen smoothens and rejuvenates the skin. 

  • It encourages cell regrowth. The treatment reveals a new layer of skin cells, even if you have uneven skin tone and dry skin. It exfoliates the damaged layer that contains acne scars. The process also unclogs the pores.



The Possible Side Effects


Dermaplaning is noninvasive, making it low-risk. You may only experience slight skin redness after the treatment. Some whiteheads may appear one to two days after the treatment. A patchy skin pigment may develop on the treated areas. This will disappear over a short period of time. You should also watch out for sun sensitivity after dermaplaning. 


Explore the benefits of dermaplaning today. At Elizabeth’s Skincare Studio, we help our patients achieve their cosmetic goals with our effective treatments. Feel free to visit our studio in Menlo Park, California, for an in-person consultation. Please call 650-324-3223 to schedule an appointment or ask about our dermaplaning packages.

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